Finding the perfect hardwood flooring can be tough. There are a variety of design elements to choose between: pattern, finish, color, and more. Floor Coverings International® of Woodbridge is proud to bring a versatile array of hardwood options to Woodbridge, Manassas, Dale City, Lake Ridge, and surrounding areas. Learn more about the design components of hardwood with this handy glossary of design terms!


Chevron is a pattern arranged in repeating Vs, or zig-zags. Each hardwood plank meets perfectly in the middle, creating a seam that runs the length of the floor.

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Distressed refers to a surface treatment for hardwood. Distressed hardwood is intentionally given an aged or worn appearance, with design elements that include burns, scrapes, and knots. 

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The finish on hardwood is the top layer of stains, chemicals, and treatments. Hardwood finishes are both decorative and practical. The finish gives hardwood floors a glossy shine, enhances the natural color of the wood or stains it a new shade, and protects the floor from scrapes and water damage.

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The gloss of hardwood is part of the finish. It refers to the shine of your hardwood floors. A high gloss finish means that your floors will be reflective and shiny, while a matte gloss finish means that your floors will have no shine.   


Traditionally, hand-scraping referred to a method of evening out the surface of hardwood floors on-site. Today, hand-scraped hardwood is designed to look hand-crafted, with intentional imperfections and irregularities. 

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Herringbone is a pattern of interlocking planks in a V shape. Herringbone is similar to chevron, but instead of each plank meeting to create a seam, they overlap.

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Parquet is a geometric pattern of wood tiles or planks. Both herringbone and chevron are also classified as parquet patterns.

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Prefinished hardwood is finished before it ever reaches your home. It’s been sanded, stained, and coated to prevent scratching and water damage.


Staining hardwood flooring refers to coloring it something different than its natural color. A stain is applied during the finishing process of hardwood. A natural stain is simply a clear finish with no coloring.


Unfinished or site-finished hardwood is installed before it’s finished. The final finishing steps are done on-site after the hardwood has been installed.

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