wood-look tile in dale cityHardwood is one of the most popular flooring choices in the greater Dale City area for its classic design and durability. But because it’s a naturally porous material and potentially pricey investment, hardwood isn’t always the best choice for every flooring project.

At Floor Coverings International® of Woodbridge, we make it our goal to help our customers in the greater Woodbridge, Manassas, Dale City, Lake Ridge areas find the perfect flooring for their needs. Today, we’re here to share three of our favorite hardwood flooring alternatives. Let’s go!

Wood-Look Tile

Did we say tile? We sure did! If you’re looking to create a beautiful hardwood design in an area off-limits to solid hardwood, such as your bathroom or basement, wood-look tile is a great alternative. This tile is typically made of ceramic or porcelain that has the texture and visual appeal of real hardwood. Because it’s tile, you can have it installed almost anywhere in your home, even in the wettest areas, including your shower floor and wall.

bathroom with wood-look luxury vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Plank

By now, you’ve most likely heard of luxury vinyl flooring products—and it’s no surprise due to their increasing popularity. Luxury vinyl combines top-quality vinyl with stunning graphics and texture to create flooring that’s highly durable and looks great. When it comes to imitating hardwood, manufacturers have gone one step further and created a variety of plank widths and lengths, which give you the option of choosing between an array of lay patterns, including herringbone! Luxury vinyl plank flooring is also a budget-friendly choice that works well in business settings.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is often incorrectly lumped into the “hardwood flooring” category when it is, in fact, a type of grass. Although it’s grass, bamboo’s fibers are very durable when used as flooring, and manufacturers are able to create a variety of designs that closely resemble natural hardwood species. While bamboo is not as hard as some hardwood varieties, it produces similar results at a similar price point and is suitable for most homes. Thanks to bamboo’s quick regrowth rate, it’s also a more sustainable material for homeowners looking for an eco-friendly flooring choice.

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To learn more about these and other great hardwood flooring alternatives, call Floor Coverings International® of Woodbridge today to schedule your free in-home design consultation and estimate. Our knowledge design associates will make sure you find the right floors for your project size and budget. Get started today!

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