Cleaning hardwood with dust mop

Infographic: 3 Tips for Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

At Floor Coverings International Woodbridge, we provide our customers with expert advice to help you get the most out of your flooring. If you have hardwood floors, you might know that they can't be treated just like any other flooring, so we've created this handy infographic. Below, we share 3 easy tips for cleaning your hardwoods---the safe way!
laminate flooring Woodbridge

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Here’s a question we get all the time: if one of the main benefits of laminate flooring is that it perfectly replicates the look of hardwood, why not just choose real plank hardwood flooring? It’s a legitimate question—and it’s one that we intend to answer in this article. Read on to learn why the Floor Coverings International Woodbridge