Hardwood flooring doesn’t have to break the bank – but it definitely can. There are numerous options to sort through when choosing between wood species for your floors. Floor Coverings International Woodbridge connects homes with a variety of different wood flooring options. Below, we’ve listed some options from both ends of the price spectrum and the middle ground in-between.

pine wood flooringPine Flooring

Pine is a bright, beautiful option for your home. Technically a softwood, pine is nonetheless a durable, classically beautiful option for wood flooring. The light shade of pine can brighten any room, and it also makes pine an easily stained wood. This versatile wood flooring tends to fall on the lowest end of the spectrum for wood flooring prices.

bamboo flooringBamboo Flooring

Another not-quite-hardwood choice, bamboo is a fast-growing grass. Since bamboo grows so quickly, it’s an eco-friendly option for your floors. Bamboo looks like hardwood when fashioned into flooring, and outmatches many hardwoods in durability and hardness. The bright, natural shade of bamboo creates a warm and welcoming space in your home.

maple hardwood flooringMaple Hardwood Flooring

Maple is sought after for its visual appeal and durability. Maple is about on par with the durability of oak hardwood flooring. The reddish tint to maple makes it a warm and visually appealing flooring for your home. Though common across North America, maple hardwood is middling in price and can truly start to climb depending on unique grain structures found in the wood.

walnut hardwood flooringBrazilian Walnut Hardwood Flooring

While this wood bears a sizeable price tag, it’s the difficult installation that makes Brazilian Walnut so expensive. The greatest strength of Brazilian Walnut is also a weakness: it’s extremely hard. This makes it one of the most durable hardwoods available, but also makes installation difficult. Special tools and plenty of time are required to install this hardwood in your home.

tigerwood hardwoodTigerwood Hardwood Flooring

Tigerwood gets its name from its unique, distinctive grain and reddish hue. This exotic hardwood is on the high end of the price spectrum, both due to its exotic nature and stunning appearance. Tigerwood is sourced from South America and West Africa. For homeowners willing to splurge, tigerwood hardwood flooring is an eye-catching and dramatic choice.

karelian birch hardwoodKarelian Birch Hardwood Flooring

A rare grain pattern rather than a hardwood species, Karelian birch is nonetheless one of the most expensive hardwood flooring options. This unique grain pattern is only found in select birch trees and requires specific harvesting methods. Karelian birch is a luxurious, distinct, and stunning addition to any home.

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