As a type of wood flooring, engineered hardwood needs to be maintained in a fashion similar to any other type of hardwood flooring. Floor Coverings International Woodbridge is here to help you take care of the hardwood in your Lake Ridge home. Read on to learn some of the best ways to maintain your engineered wood floors.

Prevent Damage

Taking care of your engineered hardwood will primarily come down to preventing damage before it happens. Some easy ways to do this are as follows:

Get a Shoe Rack

Place a shoe rack near your door to signal to guests to remove their shoes and to remind you to remove yours. This will keep dirt and debris from being tracked into your home, and it will also keep the pointed tips of high heels from digging into your flooring.

How to Maintain Your Engineered Hardwood Flooring Floor Coverings International Woodbridge

Utilize Area Rugs

Area rugs are a beautiful way to tie a home together and protect your engineered hardwood. Place these rugs in areas that might see a greater chance for accidents, such as under the dining table and in the living room. These rugs will prevent spills from staining your floor and keep dropped items from denting it.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Sweeping regularly, dust mopping on occasion, and cleaning up messes as they occur will go a long way towards keeping your engineered hardwood in tip-top shape. When dirt and debris are allowed to accumulate it can result in the scratching of your hardwood flooring. Taking a few minutes in the evening to sweep your floors is a great way to take care of your investment.

Cleaning Guidelines

You want to err on the side of caution when cleaning your engineered hardwood. Always try to pick the gentler cleaning tool or solution, and never use steel wool on your flooring.

When using water to clean, be sure to dry the area thoroughly and use only as much water as necessary to clean up the mess. Engineered hardwood is still a wood, and as such is still vulnerable to excessive moisture. By wiping up spills immediately and using damp cloths, as opposed to wet ones, you’ll keep your floors from warping and help them to maintain their lovely look and shape.

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