laminate flooring WoodbridgeHere’s a question we get all the time: if one of the main benefits of laminate flooring is that it perfectly replicates the look of hardwood, why not just choose real plank hardwood flooring? It’s a legitimate question—and it’s one that we intend to answer in this article.

Read on to learn why the Floor Coverings International Woodbridge experts think that laminate should be high on your list for the floors in your home. If you still have questions, just contact us!

A Quick Refresher On Laminate

laminate flooring Woodbridge

Need a little reminder about what exactly laminate flooring is? Here’s the abbreviated explanation: laminate is a type of manmade flooring. Laminate planks are layered with high-density fiberboard, water resistant resins, and a super-durable top layer printed with a hyper-realistic image (usually of hardwood). The resulting planks can be installed just like a piece of oak, maple, or any other wood, and it looks exactly like the real thing. However laminate is usually more affordable than solid hardwood, and it takes much less time to install since it doesn’t need to be finished.

So Laminate Is Better Than Hardwood?

laminate flooring Woodbridge

Not necessarily. Hardwood is still a great material for Woodbridge homes because it looks gorgeous, you can find a huge variety of wood species and finishes, and you can refinish plank hardwood (often up to seven times!). Hardwood flooring is truly a long-term investment—but it does require more care and maintenance.

If you have energetic or large pets, kids who like to skateboard and ride their bikes around inside, or if you live in a high-moisture environment, hardwood flooring may actually become a troublesome liability. You may want to go with a more affordable material that can stand up to harder wear. Because the top wear-layer is moderately moisture resistant and built to withstand scratches, scrapes, and dents, laminate is the perfect alternative for Woodbridge homeowners who want to enjoy the look of hardwood flooring, without having to worry as much about cleaning and maintenance.

New Flooring Made Easy

Whether you’re looking to do a complete home overhaul or a small improvement on a single room, we know there’s a lot to consider when you’re at the beginning of a new project. That’s why the team at Floor Coverings International Woodbridge simplifies the whole process by providing a free, in-home consultation to homeowners in the greater Woodbridge, Manassas, Dale City, Lake Ridge area. From consultation to installation, we’re there for you. Schedule your free, no-obligation visit from our mobile showroom today!

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