berber carpet colorDurable, soft, and affordable, Berber carpet could be perfect for your Manassas home. With distinct style and texture, Berber carpeting makes a great addition to any room. Floor Coverings International Woodbridge is happy to supply Berber carpeting to your Manassas home.

Berber Carpet Styles

Berber carpet can be used to describe two carpet styles: the Berber loop, and Berber coloring.

Berber Loop – When a carpet is being made, the yarn is attached to the carpet backing to create a loop. In Berber carpets, the loop is left uncut. Looped carpets come in several varieties. This includes level loop, where the loops are all one height, and patterned loops, where the loops are varied in height. Patterned loops create a more natural finish.

Berber Color – Berber also refers to carpeting with flecks of different colors throughout the fabric. This can create a dynamic, natural appearance. The flecks are usually in matching neutral shades. Visually appealing and interesting, Berber carpets also have the benefit of concealing any stains or dirt. The mixed colors make discoloration difficult to spot.


Price – Berber carpeting has excellent value—it’s durable, easy to maintain, visually appealing, and less expensive than many carpeting types. While wool Berber carpet can be expensive, it makes up for it with texture and visual appeal. Berber is also available in more affordable materials, often olefin or nylon.

Stain Resistance –berber carpeting The Berber loop is tough for stains to penetrate, while the characteristic color flecks disguise dirt and spills. This creates a durable carpet that will maintain its clean look in areas with high traffic.

Appearance – Berber carpet has a handcrafted appearance, which can bring a rustic or cozy vibe to your home. The loop of Berber also conceals vacuum marks and footprints, while the varied colors conceal dirt and stains. Berber carpet will stay looking new for a long time.

Care – Thanks to Berbers construction, care is simple and requires regular vacuuming to remove dirt and debris. Compared to cut pile carpets such as Saxony or frieze, it’s a lot harder for particles to get trapped between Berber’s fibers. Choosing a durable material, such as nylon, will also help prevent flattening from heavy furniture and foot traffic, as well as snags from untrimmed pets’ nails.

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