plush carpet ManassasEveryone knows that carpet flooring is a great choice for Manassas homes because it looks great and provides unmatched comfort for your family. But when it comes time to make a decision about what kind of carpet you want for your living room or bedroom, you may not know what your options are.

That’s exactly why Floor Coverings International Woodbridge is here with another helpful article to help Manassas homeowners make an informed decision about the carpet for their homes. Read on below to learn all about one of the most all-purpose styles of carpet flooring you can find: plush!

What Is Plush Carpet Flooring?plush carpet floor Manassas

Plush is essentially a blanket term that covers any style of cut pile carpet (opposed to loop pile carpets like Berber, which are sewn into the backing for a flatter appearance). Plush carpets are characterized by their flat, uniform surface and extremely soft texture. If you’re still having difficulty visualizing what plush looks like, just close your eyes and imagine a generic carpet; whatever first pops into mind is probably plush. In fact, plush is so ubiquitous that you can probably find it in at least one room of just about every house in Manassas.

Why Should Manassas Homeowners Choose Plush Carpet?

There are quite a few reasons to choose plush carpet! Here are some of the main things that make plush great for Manassas homes:

  • Uniform appearance—Plush is often described as having a more “formal” look, which means that it can work just as well in dining areas and living rooms as it does in bedrooms.
  • Unmatched comfort—There’s no question: plush carpet is the best kind of flooring for people whose main priority is comfort. If you like to spend a lot of time lounging around at home, and if you want a surface that’s comfortable to walk, sit, and lay on, plush carpet is the thing for you.
  • Choose from a variety of materials—Plush carpets can be manufactured in a variety of fibers, including natural and sustainable wool, or extremely sturdy and stain-resistant triexta, olefin, or nylon. Depending on the fiber, you can dye it in just about any color, opening up your design opportunities. And if you go with a synthetic, you won’t have to worry as much about mess from stains or kids. For the ultimate low maintenance option, go with plush carpet tiles, which can be swapped out if they’re stained or damaged!

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