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If you’re in the market for new hardwood floors, there’s a good chance you have a picture in mind of what you want your floors to look like. Before you have a good idea about the price range, durability, and wood species that would work best for your project, color is often what most homeowners in the greater Woodbridge area think of first.

Dark hardwood flooring is a popular style that can boost the design and sense of luxury in your home, and a wide range of wood species and finishes can be used to create this look. Luckily, our experts at Floor Coverings International Woodbridge are here to help you find the right hardwood flooring for your home. Here, we discuss the dark hardwood aesthetic, the woods and finishes you can use to achieve it, as well as considerations to keep in mind.

Stains and Species

It’s important to know that not all hardwood species take stains equally, so finding the right wood to achieve the tone and color you desire can be a tough task. Both red and white oak varieties have open wood grain and take stains exceedingly well. They are a great choice for durability and look great with a dark stain. Wood species to be avoided when to achieve this look include maple, ash, and birch due to their dense grain that doesn’t absorb stain as effectively.

Without stains, more exotic hardwoods such as cherry and walnut allow you to achieve a darker look—and they look great doing so! However, these species tend to be on the softer end of the Janka hardness scale and should be paired with a durable finish.


Along with the color of stain you choose, the floor’s finish is an important factor in the final result of your dark hardwoods. Dark hardwood floors can be finished in a variety of ways, from high gloss to a modern matte or satin. If you choose to go with an almost black color, consider a high gloss stain for a truly unique and ultra-modern design.


  • Depending on the durability and color of the wood species you choose, scratches and surface wear might be more noticeable on your dark hardwood floors.
  • Lighter hardwoods can help hide dirt and debris and may require less frequent sweeping.
  • Pre-finished and engineered hardwoods often achieve the darkest results with great durability, however, lines between the individual planks will be more visible than on floors finished on-site.

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