parquet hardwood flooring WoodbridgeOne of the best things about hardwood flooring is how it becomes a statement piece for your home. A beautiful red oak or maple hardwood floor will elicit more awe and amazement than any kind of carpet. And if you’re truly looking for something distinctive, the experts at Floor Coverings International Woodbridge recommend parquet flooring.

Read on to learn all about parquet hardwood floors, and find out if they’re right for your home! If you still have questions, just contact our professional design team.

What is Parquet Hardwood Flooring?parquet hardwood floor Woodbridge

Simply put, parquet floors use hardwood planks and blocks to create patterns that range from the classic and relatively straightforward “chevron” or “herringbone” (see photo on right), to intricate mosaic designs.

Parquet floors have been around for centuries! They were originally a replacement for marble flooring in palaces and wealthy households since marble required constant mopping and the moisture would eventually damage the subfloor and building’s foundation. Parquet was (and is) considered just as beautiful and artistic as marble, and it gave people a chance to show off the time and skill of the artisans they had hired—as well as the fact they could afford such an elaborate luxury.

While parquet was popular during the middle of the 20th century and could be found in many residential spaces, it fell out of favor as homeowners began to gravitate towards increasingly cheaper options. However, nowadays with the emphasis on quality over quantity—and with the development of advanced installation techniques and technology—parquet is something you can easily enjoy in your Woodbridge home.

Why Do Woodbridge Homeowners Choose Parquet?parquet hardwood flooring Woodbridge

Parquet floors are renowned for their beauty. Using a parquet design in your home is a way of highlighting the artistry of your space. Parquet hardwood floors also tend to create a much more dynamic feel to the room—and since they’re very visually engaging, they pair very well with minimalist and/or Scandinavian design aesthetics.

Additionally, parquet floors come with all of the usual benefits that you’d find with hardwood flooring: an incredibly durable surface that can stand up to years of high traffic with minimal care and maintenance.

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