Manassas walnut hardwood floorWalnut is a unique hardwood of exotic origin. Often referred to as “American walnut,” or “black walnut,” it is now a popular hardwood in the U.S. for its many virtues as a reliable floor material.

This is a hardwood of some delicacy, and yet it is resilient in a number of ways. Floor Coverings International Woodbridge holds walnut hardwood in high esteem as a classy option for Manassas homes in search of timeless and traditional decor.

The Visuals

Walnut is a deep, richly toned wood, often in hues of chocolatey brown. Its long and elegant grain stretches straight across the planks, shifting subtly into shades just slightly red or purple. Over its lifespan, walnut tends to slowly darken in areas, giving contrast to the light sections of the grain in a gorgeous balance of light and dark.

Physical Properties

Walnut is among the softest of all hardwoods, rating only 1,010 on the Janka hardness test. While still a sturdy and solid floor by human standards, walnut can scuff a bit easier than other hardwoods. Owners of walnut flooring would be well advised to treat their their floors with protective sealants to keep it beautiful and unscathed.

Manassas walnut hardwood floor

Other options might include area rugs in higher traffic areas of the home, and felt pads beneath furniture. Despite walnut’s softness, this hardwood is actually quite resilient to mold, water damage, rot, infestation, and humidity-induced warping!

In terms of cleaning, walnut is a low-maintenance floor, requiring little more than sweeping and vacuuming from time to time.

Walnut is also very receptive to the staining process, granting homeowners increased control of their home decor. When all is said and done, walnut is a high-end luxury hardwood with unbeatable resilience to common wood floor threats. With a little extra protection, your walnut flooring will last a lifetime.

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