white oak hardwood flooring WoodbridgeOf all the hardwood species you could use for the floors in your Woodbridge home, there’s one that consistently stands out as a reliable choice. White oak hardwood has remained one of the most popular species of wood for solid hardwood flooring for years because it is beautiful and extremely durable.

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What Is White Oak Hardwood Flooring?white oak hardwood floor Woodbridge

From the genus Querca, white oak is a species of hardwood that grows all over North America. This hardwood is also closely related to the most popular hardwood for flooring, red oak. However, white oak has a number of features that actually make it superior to its more popular counterpart.

White oak hardwood tends to be light in color, ranging from a whitish-tan to a rich, glowing yellow-brown. Like most hardwoods, white oak can be stained to achieve a variety of hues that complement its unique, straight wood-grain.

Why Do Woodbridge Homeowners Choose White Oak?

White oak is famous for blending perfectly with any décor, whether your look is minimalist and contemporary or more rustic and cozy. Woodbridge homeowners can feel confident that white oak floors will complement their existing furniture and wall colors, or open up brand new design possibilities.

And along with its gorgeous look, white oak is also well known for being harder and more durable than many other common hardwoods. In fact, white oak has an impressive janka rating of 1,360, which means that it’s more than up to the job of resisting wear in high-traffic areas like hallways, entries, and stairs. And did you know that white oak is actually a favorite wood among ship-builders because it resists the absorption of moisture? Choose white oak for a low-maintenance hardwood flooring option that looks great in any home.

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