manassas travertine tileTravertine is one of the oldest flooring materials available. Its presence alone can lend a real sense of grandeur to Manassas homes, drawing the eye with its earthy tones and alluring swirled patterns. Before it floors your home, travertine’s ancestral minerals are dissolved in groundwater and deposited above-ground, where they solidify into the classic stone we know and love.

The resulting blocks of travertine are processed and honed into tiles that can last many years with the proper care. Today, Floor Coverings International Woodbridge reviews travertine tile, the age-old stone that brings class and beauty to any room it touches.

Pretty — and Pretty Tough!

Stone tiles like travertine are able to absorb quite a beating without suffering residual markings. Scratches, chips, and other little damages are less likely to occur in tough travertine tile floors. Polished tiles are often more vulnerable to scratching, but travertine’s natural finish is a good deal tougher than that.

What will often happen is that travertine tiles develop a weathered look, as though they have endured great eons of time to present their distinguished look. Alternatively, if the weathered look is not for you, travertine tile can be treated with a sealing agent to resist a weathered appearance.

manassas travertine tile

How to Treat Your Travertine Tile

Travertine is a porous stone, making it more likely that spills will seep below its surface and cause permanent staining. To prevent this, periodically apply a penetrating sealing agent that protects your travertine tiles from the inside out.

As for cleaning, only the mildest pH cleaning agents may be applied to your travertine tile. Despite its stone-cold reputation as a tough floor, it is surprisingly sensitive to acidic substances. These substances have the potential to permanently blemish and scar your travertine. Regular mopping with mild soaps will keep your travertine in good shape for years to come. Don’t forget to scrub the grout lines between tiles!

The Future is Not Set in Stone

The future of your floors should be in your hands, and we are just the experts to help you custom-create the living space that is right for you. Contact us today and schedule a free in-home consultation. Floor Coverings International Woodbridge prides itself on getting your floors just right, and you won’t be disappointed by our huge range of quality flooring options. Proudly serving the greater Woodbridge, Manassas, Dale City, and Lake Ridge areas.

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